The proxmark3 is a powerful general purpose RFID tool, the size of a deck of cards, designed to snoop, listen and emulate everything from Low Frequency (125kHz) to High Frequency (13.56MHz) tags.

Category: NFC Card / Device
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New hardware update:
1. 2 USB Ports: one is for powerbank, another can be off-line sniffing
2. AT91SAM7S256 up to AT91SAM7S512

Compared with PM3 RD V2.0 improvement:
1. Built-in high-frequency antenna, antenna depth matching, eliminate blind spots, read the whole card data flowing without interruption.
2. increase Parse the secret key rate , the size of the card takes all.
3. sniffing data, complete stable, low error rate.
4. The low frequency antenna to improve the signal to noise ratio, the higher the recognition rate, detachable design to meet various needs.
5. No antenna interface, did not need have to plug because it is easy to damaged.
6. Cancel the lithium battery, simple and convenient. (Offline can use mobile power supply)
7. In addition to the original relay and other unrelated, low cost, lightweight and portable.
Compatible with all official firmware, according to need to brush any version.
According to your preference, you can use the official "Command Line" or "Proxmark Tool.exe" to operate
(Low frequency antenna installed on the right side)
# LF antenna: 30.41 V @ 125.00 kHz
# LF antenna: 22.01V @ 134.00 kHz
# HF antenna: 28.43V @ 13.56 MHz
(Low frequency antenna installed on the left)
Operating voltage: 3.5-5.5V
Current job: 50-130mA
Length and width dimensions: 54mm * 86.6mm
The thickness: 6.2mm (thinnest) 9.8mm (plus screw) 15.8 (plus low frequency antenna)

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