chameleon mini

Chameleon mini

Redesign hardware verison, Base on Chameleon Project by the Chair for Embedded Security at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany.

Category: NFC Card / Device
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Firmware support for ISO14443A Codec (emulation and reader)
Firmware support for Mifare Classic 1K and 4K emulation (4 and 7-byte UID) Firmware support for Mifare Ultralight emulation Hardware support for ASK modulation (Both 10% and 100%) to cover almost any card standard available Hardware support for ASK and BPSK load modulation using a subcarrier Modular firmware structure allows for easy expandability of other cards and standards Support for quick and reliable firmware update via Atmel DFU bootloader, thus programming hardware is required only once Can be controlled using a fully documented AT-like command set via CDC using the LUFA USB stack Up to eight virtualized cards with a size of up to 8 kB per card can be stored in the non-volatile memory of ChameleonMini Card contents can be easily uploaded and downloaded by means of the command line and X-MODEM UID of ISO14443A cards can be obtained easily in reader mode Identifying the type (Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic 1k etc.) of ISO14443A cards is also possible in reader mode Transparent/manual ISO14443A reader: send custom bit strings and obtain the cards answer Thus allowing the ChameleonMini to be interfaced with standard terminal software as well as user written scripts and applications

Software :
How to flash on windows:
Chameleon mini rev rebooted - firmware
Chameleon mini rev rebooted - GUI

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