PN544 Demo Board is a development board for verify the NXP's PN544 chip on a signle board, the size of a deck of cards, Support Read and emulate Mode

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pn544 nfc tool pn544 demo board

PN544 Demo Board is a development board for verify the NXP's PN544 chip on a signle board.The PN544 chip is very powerful on function and can support serval control interface,and can identity any kinds of card type.
And the driver which is base on pure c source code can port to all kinds of platform and environment.
In a word the PN544 Demo Board is a development board which is easy for use and have good cost performance .
The following is our PN544 Demo Board's Target Customer
1.Which one is addicted to NFC technology and Electronic payment
2.Which one is interested in all kinds of transaction business,such as public transport,metro,bank,etc
3.Which one who does want to cross the threshold for usual embedded system development
4.Which one who does want to study USB driver and UART comminuication control
1-NFC Introduction
NFC's Full name is Near Field Communication. which is an extended technology base on RFID and which is initiated by some well-know electronic vendor such as
Phliphs,NOKIA,Sony etc.
NFC technology is derived from contactless RFID and interconnect technology. which realize inductive reader,
inductive card and point to point fuction
on just one chip and can exchange data or identify with all kinds of compliant device in a very short distance.The NFC technology is just a simple connection which is between RFID technology and data collect technology,and now it is developing a short distance commiuncation technology,develop very quickly.Compare with RFID technology,the NFC technology has bidirectional connect and identify character.The NFC technology is based on framework of ISO18902,ECMA340 and ETSI TS102-190, and compliant with widely applicable standard contactless intelligent card protocol,such as ISO14443TypeA ISO14443TypeB and Felica.
2-NFC Function
1. Function as card reader,such as card reader likes RC500
2. Simulate as a card,such as Mifare card likes S50 or S70
3. Point to point communication,can understand as a simple inter-communicate between two card readers
3-NFC technology field
1.Electronic pay,such as public transport,metro, cell-phone
2.Information intercommunication,safety confidential,point to point communication using NFC
3.Label identify, defense fake authentication etc
4.Download application from net,such as member card,favourable ticket,all kinds of One Card solution etc
4-technical parameter of PN544 Demo Board
1.Working crystal oscillator frequency is 27.12mHz,the version of PN544 chip using on PN544 Demo Board is C2,FW version:0Xa70416,HW version:0x620003;HAL version:0x8150100.
and we can supply PN544 Demo Board using C3 version of PN544 chip,too.
2.PN544 Demo Board can support many type interfaces,include the usual communicate interface:UART/I2C/SPI, According to their own applicable state and their own hardware with software resource, The customer can use these interface flexibly and reasonably.
The default control interface of PN544 Demo Board is USB to COM,which is the simplest control way for customer which decreases the technical difficult and technical limit of hardware or software environment.
3.Support many chip configure model,the basic model has reader card /card simulate /P2P model. The customer can configure the corresponding model for PN544 Demo Board according to their own requirement,can realize visual as soon as quickly.
4.PN544 Demo Board embedded the total RFID anntena and control curcuit in a little board which the length is 8.9cm and the width is 3.3cm.All these for use simply and turn material resources to good account.
5-Hardware material of PN544 demo board
1.A PN544 demo board
2.A USB-MINI A type line
3.A S50 mifare card,memory space:1KB
6-Software material of PN544 Demo Board
1.The specification of PN544 Demo Board
2.The document or datasheet of all kinds of chip which is used on PN544 Demo Board
3.The schematic diagram of PN544 Demo Board
4.The driver for USB to COM chip PL-2303HX which is used on PN544 Demo Board(supply driver for Win98/Win2K/WinXP platform)
5.The sample software package which is supplied by NXP for PN544 Demo Board(According to all software,NXP supplys user mannual in detail)
6.All kinds of contact-less protocol
7-Technology Support
Our technology team have rich experience in technology research and development. we have good experience in many field of hardware and software.
Accord to many technical questions,we can supply good technical opinion and good feasible advise.Our technology team have very openning psychology, welcome for all people ask all kinds of technical questions,make progress with each other,and dedicate our own power for gobal electronic development.
8-Special Declaration
Because the production of PN544 Demo Board now is little batch production,so the productivity and supply is in insufficiency and we cannot satisfy the wholesale purchase in time.
if anyone have wholesale purchase in our PN544 Demo Board please give us enough time for prepare for material and produce.

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