JAVA JOCP21 J2A040 card

JAVA JOCP21 J2A040 Card

JAVA JOCP21 J2A040 card Card,Standard SIM Card And Micro SIM Card, 2 size in 1.

Category: SIM Card / Device

Information Before you use JCOP Card,you need 2 commands for opening the JCOP21-40K card.
here is :
APDU:00A4040010( TK - KEY )
APDU:00F00000 ( open for Initialize )
1, J2A040 N JAVA based smart card, 40k EEPROM With Hi-co Mag Card
Brand new generation of popular JCOP cards! Arrived just now. JAVA based, JCOP 2.4.1, JC 2.2.2, GP 2.1.1., T=1, SCP02
2, JCOP is an N (IBM) implementation of the RSA JCOP V 2.3.1, T=1 and Global Platform 2.1.1 basic specifications including refinements from Visa International set in the Visa OpenPlatform Card Implementation Guides. This card is often used as an banking card by the big banks around the world.
Jcop card is a kind of Java card which need to be initiliazed then can be put applet to run.
When initilizing cards, it can be run in GP V2.1.1, V2.2.1 with Jcop tools to finish the initilization.
It can be made SIM die cut to fullfill the payment funtion with system, relying on the strong encryph and better speed. According to T=1 or T=0 protocol, and the S=115 200 or higher speed.
We're now offering contact typeJcop 10, Jcop 21 36k, Jcop 21 72K, combo card Jcop 31 36k, Jcop 31 72k, as well as Jcop 41 80K card.

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