FM Band Stop Filter 88 - 108 MHz

FM Block Filter 88-108Mhz

Broadcast FM BandStop Filter 88 - 108 MHz FM Trap PCBA board for SDR rtl std hackrf bandstop

Category: SDR
fm bandstop filter fm block 88-108mhz filter

Blocks the broadcast FM band between 88–108 MHz with over 40dB of attenuation. Designed for maximum attenuation between 88 - 108 MHz and the 3dB roll off points are at 76 MHz and 122 MHz.
Insertion loss is less than 0.5 dB between 0 – 1 GHz, and mostly less than 1.5 dB between 1 – 3 GHz.
Uses SMA female connectors. Comes with a free SMA male to SMA male adapter.
A broadcast FM block filter can help if you have very strong broadcasts in your area that are overloading the SDR dongle. Also known as “FM Trap”.
Notes: RX filter only. Designed for SDR users, but might also be useful for TV users struggling with FM interference. But TV users please carefully check the spectrum analyzer graphs and 3dB roll off points to ensure that it will not block a TV signal of interest. e.g. Channels between 76 - 88 MHz could be attenuated enough to lose reception.

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